GPS are able to undertake structural calculations for property developments, enabling the client or architect to obtain planning permission with the relevant local authority.

GPS Structural Engineers frequently undertake beam calculations and column calculations. If supporting walls or structures are being removed new support will need adding and these are often required for Building Regulation approval. We can check an Architects design to ensure conformity or we can happily work with the home owner directly.

Generally speaking, a retention wall serves to hold back vertical soil that would, minus the retention wall, slide, collapse or slump to its natural slope. Binding two levels of soil elevation often occurs when the terrain slope will not work for the purpose of a project, particularly when structures such as a road overpass will be constructed.
Retaining wall design is complex and must take numerous factors into consideration. GPS are well equipped to provide sound engineering solutions for both retaining wall design and retaining wall inspection.

GPS team members have extensive experience in designing a range of different bridges and culverts, including footbridges, railway bridges and road bridges. Our bridge engineering services also includes assessments of structures, bridge inspections for the redevelopment of brownfield sites, as well as advice regarding maintenance and repair.