GPS have a proven track record of collaborating with the private developers to provide cost effective design and professional advice in helping to develop Greenfield and Brownfield sites for commercial use.

Specialist support can be offered for Brownfield sites, including advice for contaminated land and planning support. We also work closely with architects and transport planners on projects ranging from feasibility to detailed design. This ensures a co-ordinated approach to the project.

GPS has a proven track record in all aspects of drainage engineering. We are experts in the design of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and can incorporate soakaways, infiltration trenches, permeable paving and swales into our designs as required.

We have a great amount of experience when dealing with local authorities and sewerage undertakers to agree discharge rates that help save our clients’ money.

We always prepare Section 104 Agreements for our clients to get drainage infrastructure adopted. We are also entered into Section 102 Agreements to get already-installed systems retrospectively adopted.
We fully integrate Autodesk Civil 3D with Micro Drainage so all our designs are accurately modelled and our designs are produced as promptly as possible thereby saving our clients’ financially.

GPS have a proven track record of conducting design commissions for both private developers and Local Authorities, providing cost effective advice and design solutions in solving local issues.

Our design team are highly experienced in working directly for local authorities, delivering a broad spectrum of schemes and support.

We pride ourselves in providing clear, easy to read design solutions, created in the latest AutoCAD software for those clients who request our services to progress their project requirements.


  • City Regeneration schemes
  • Residential Safety Improvements
  • Footway & Cycle ways
  • Signage
  • Road Markings
  • Traffic Calming methods features & measures
  • Traffic Regulatory Orders (TRO’S)
  • Bust Stops & Bus Lanes
  • Parking schemes
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Junction Design