Barbour Avenue

Barbour Avenue

IN Architecture, Construction
Investor Name:
South Tyneside Council
Published Date:
1st January 1970
Barbour Avenue
GPS Group
About Project


Due to concerns about the volume of traffic using this location, it was felt that further options should be explored through which to identify alternative possibilities to minimise the volume of traffic using this road. Whilst some options had previously been identified, it was felt that these were unsuitable and as a consequence, further options to minimise traffic volumes need to be identified for consideration

The Project

South Tyneside Council commissioned GPS to carry out a feasibility study due to concerns about volume of traffic using Barbour Avenue. The scope of the works was to identify a number of options through which to minimise traffic volume and impact on this road.

Our Expertise

Whilst STC had carried out an initial study, GPS undertook further investigations to establish and identify alternative options to deter traffic movements from utilising Barbour Avenue.

GPS compiled a report and preliminary designs, identifying advantages and disadvantages associated to each option. These options where subsequently presented to the client for all considered options.

Items considered were as follows:

  • Potential road closures to one end of the road
  • A change in traffic priorities i.e. 20mph zone, giveaway priority, one way system
  • Access restrictions
  • Island buildouts

The Outcome

GPS successfully produced a report, along with and a number of feasibility options through which the Client could look to minimise traffic volume and impact upon the residential area of Barbour Avenue. The report and design drawings where subsequently presented at the Community Area Forum.