About Global Partnering Solutions Core Values

Our Core Values are critical to our success. They are the foundations on which our organisation is to be built and will define who we are, and set us apart from our competitors. They underline our vision of the future.

Our Core values include:

  • To act like responsible owners, always seeking to meet or exceed expectations.
  • To operate as a team, committed to each other, and bound by trust and loyalty.
  • To treat one another and all our stakeholders with dignity and respect. Honesty, ethical behaviour and integrity are fundamental characteristics of our business conduct.

Best Practice

GPS believe ‘Best Practice’ means investigating and adopting the best ways of working to achieve our business objectives. It requires us to keep up to date with the methods through which successful businesses operate, across all sectors and measuring our methods of operating against those methods utilised by market leaders.

GPS also believe Best Practice is about adopting approaches that not only deliver superior results but also offers sustainability and the continuous development of our approach.

Dignity & Respect

GPS believe that “Dignity and Respect” requires us to encourage and develop an organisational behavioural culture that is inclusive, supportive, positive and productive and one which will not permit unacceptable behaviour that places the physical and mental health, safety and well-being of workers at risk is unacceptable. GPS believe everyone in the workplace, irrespective of their position, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. No individual should suffer bullying, harassment or violence while conducting their role and responsibilities at GPS. The most productive environment is that where employees are valued and treated with dignity and respect and where there is no unethical behaviour.


GPS Directors are fully committed to the ongoing development, implementation and maintenance of our Environmental Management Policy. We are conscious that we need to manage and improve the environmental impact and performance caused because of providing our services and activities. GPS Environmental Management is therefore the planning and implementation of practices aimed to manage the impact of GPS upon the environment and to promote ‘Sustainability’ across all our service provision with the view conducting our business in the most environmental and sustainable way, to demonstrate our commitment to our Environmental Policy and to ever changing environmental conditions.

Equality & Diversity

GPS are committed to ensuring that individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and equally and no less favourably, specific to their needs. We have pro-actively incorporated Equality into our core values and continue to make every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop sound working relationships between all our stakeholders. GPS do not discriminate on grounds of age, caring responsibilities, disability, gender, gender identity, marriage and civil partnerships, part-time working, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any other factor irrelevant to a person’s work.

GPS also acknowledges the benefits of Diversity in the workplace and we aim to recognise, respect and value people’s differences and to contribute and realise their full potential by promoting an inclusive culture for all employees. We also acknowledge that Diversity not only involves how people perceive themselves, but also how they perceive others. GPS further recognises that business success and competitiveness is dependent upon its ability to embrace diversity and the benefits which it brings and therefore actively looks to develop cultural competence and our ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures and to work with varying cultural beliefs.

Business Excellence

At GPS we believe ‘Business Excellence’ is not achievable overnight and neither should it be. Alternatively, we see business excellence as a continuous exercise, whereby we will learn, improve and exceed on a continual basis across every aspect of our operation as we strive to excel in’ everything we do.’  Here at GPS, business excellence is considered a fundamental value to how we operate, how we are perceived both internally and externally and how we, as a company position ourselves for future business growth and development.

Honesty & Integrity

GPS believe operating with honesty and integrity to be essential to our reputation. Our business is built upon core values which not only dictate how we operate as a business but which also set the culture for our business. We believe all business relationships are built on trust and that trust and integrity are inextricably connected. GPS therefore takes extreme pride in how we manage and conduct our business with high levels of integrity and how we actively endeavour to build trusting relationships with employees and clients alike. Firmly committed to ethical business practice, we seek to build and retain, trusting, professional business relationships with staff, clients and the wider community to deliver business excellence in everything we do.

Our People

GPS recognises the commitment of our employees in achieving our success. The passion, expertise and enthusiasm which they demonstrate on a daily basis towards achieving the goals which are set, is truly remarkable. It is our dedicated people that drive our company from success to success and we acknowledge their efforts, their diversity and their support in everything we do


GPS considers safety to be paramount across everything we do. We recognise that we are all accountable for and have a duty of care for keeping ourselves and our colleague’s safe in their working environment. We also recognise that we have a duty for delivering work safely to our clients and that we must ensure that we act with due diligence in what we do to ensure that we have taken all measures that are reasonably practicable in the performance of those responsibilities.

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